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Himanshu Bhardwaj (Selected From NSB- VISAKHAPATNAM)

Firstly this is not my success, this is success of my parents who always motivated me to perform and go to SSB despite of my 12 initial failures. Then I am thankful to Col. Yudhvir Singh who is not only a teacher but a motivator, who motivated me everytime and analysed my good qualities much earlier than me and encouraged me to improve and try again. Read More

Kulvinder Singh

I am felling as most happiest person on the earth today, because I fulfilled the dream that I have dreamt along with my parents. They always wanted to see me as a sensible, mature, person after 10+2 examination which I become after coming here i.e. Lakshya Academy. I am grateful to Yudhvir Sir for making a person with full of confidence inside me. He also helped me to familiarise with conditions that I also faced during my SSB. Read More

Ishwar (Selected from SSB Centre Bangalore)

First of all I want to say thank you to Col Yudhvir sir who taught me the lesson of living life in a better way because SSB is not the test of knowledge but the test of life. The exercises sir thought us 5 BRCC, ACC, connectivity, Role play and curiosity is a way of thinking and a way of living life. Read More

Shiv Kumar (Selected in his 18thAttempt from AFCAT)

Oh! My God I have it in me. The most important day of my life was 6th June 2015, when results were announced. I had made it, I got recommended from 4AFSB Varanasi. How I Made It:- The enlightening started the day I joined Lakshya Academy in 2012, first attempt was in 2010. Read More

Sahil Sharma (Selected in his 6th Attempt from 20 SSB, Bhopal)

SSB is all about knowing yourself and your environment. The academy believes in being truthful to yourself. There is no point in manipulating anything. Try to be as honest as you can be in the SSB. Otherwise you may end up in presenting a confused perception about yourself to the accessor. Read More

Sudhanshu Gupta (Selected in his 3rd Attempt from 11 SSB Allahabad)

I came to Lakshya Academy with a hope to make changes in my life and become a better person. Yudhvir sir not only made me a better person but also told me that I was good and with a little improvement. I will become a better individual. Yudhvir sir’s personna, his thoughts, views and teachings if understood and imbibed in life a person can do wonders. His thoughts and views invoke a sense of patriotism and responsibility in Students. From the first day he told all of us that SSB is nothing but the test of life, improve your life and your will get through. Read More

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