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Successful Students

Vivek  Verma (CDS – 2nd Attempt) Aakash Sharma (CDS – 3rd Attempt)
Iyan Raj (ACC – 2nd Attempt) Sankalp (SSB – 4th Attempt)
Shiladitya (CDS – 3rd Attempt) Durga Pal (ACC – 3rd Attempt)
Sandeep (Coast Guard – 5th Attempt) Kamal (Air Force – 10th Attempt)
Utpal  Das (CDS – 3rd Attempt) Himanshu (TGC – 7th Attempt)
Vikas (CPF –  3rd Attempt Sub RC Devnath (SSB – 6th Attempt)
Shashank Pratap (NDA – 3rd Attempt) Girish Bharti (CDS – 5th Attempt)
Indra (NCC –  2nd Attempt) Preeti (CDS – 4th Attempt)
Ritu Raj (TGC – 1st Attempt) Ranjeet (NDA – 1st Attempt)
Sandali Tiwari (OTA – 1st Attempt) Rahul Kothari (NDA – 1st Attempt)
Jogeshwar Sharma (NDA – 1st Attempt) Aarti Hooda (Air Force – 1st Attempt)
Vikram  Grewal (NDA – 1st Attempt) Sahil Sharma (NDA – 1st Attempt)
Adil  Maqbool (NDA – 1st Attempt) Boni Thoiba (NDA – 1st Attempt)
Varun Chauhan (NDA – 1st Attempt) Arun Kumar (NDA – 1st Attempt)
Antriksh (SSB – 1st Attempt) Lallan Singh (NDA – 1st Attempt)
Bhim Singh Rana (Coast Guard – 1st Attempt) Rohit NDA-2 nd Attempt
Sandali Tiwari OTA- 1 st Attempt Satish Kumar PC(SL)- 1 st Attempt
Sidharth Rangi CDS- 1 st Attempt Amit Singh GDOC- 1 st Attempt
Yogi Kumar NDA- 1 st Attempt Rohan Chaudhary NDA- 1 st Attempt
Ashish Lohan NDA- 1 st Attempt Ajit Singh GDOC- 1 st Attempt
Mirza Faros NDA- 1 st Attempt Pawas Rajput NDA- 1 st Attempt
Kamaljeet Sngh ACC- 1 st Attempt Sahil Chauhan CDS- 1 st Attempt
Vikas Bajpai 10+2 Tech Sandeep Singh NDA-1 st Attempt
Deepak Chaudhary CDS-1 st Attempt Makzal Singh NDA- 1 st Attempt
Amar Prakash NDA- 1 st Attempt Adarsh Chorasia ACC-1 st Attempt
Bal Krishan GDOC- 1 st Attempt Vivek Yadav NDA- 1 st Attempt
Abhishek Grewal NDA-1 st Attempt Deepmala Air Force 1 st Attempt
Suresh Suragani NDA-1 st Attempt Amarjeet Singh TGC-1 st Attempt
Sumit Phogat NDA-1 st Attempt Varun Dhull TGC-1 st Attempt
Aman Nanda TGC-1 st Attempt Akshay IMA-1 st Attempt
Nimish Kumar 10+2 TES Madhav Kumar CDS-1 st Attempt
Shakul Singh CDS-1 st Attempt Priyanka Dhull NAVY -3 rd Attempt
Maisnam Luwangba NCC-3 rd Attempt Ashwani Dubey AIR FORCE-2 nd Attempt
Prahlad Singh AMC (NP) PC Dharam Raj PC (SL) 7 th Attempt
Sunil Yadav ACC 3 rd Attempt Deepak Mathpal ACC 3 rd Attempt
Naveen Yadav CPF 3 rd Attempt Ritesh Sudan CDS 5 th Attempt
Gautam Arora NDA 3 rd Attempt Hav Arvind APS 3 rd Attempt
Pawan Arya IMA 3 rd Attempt Mohit Dalal OTA 5 th Attempt
Ritpa Malik IMA 2 nd Attempt Sidharth Yadav NDA 2 nd Attempt
Sunil OTA 3 rd Attempt Hav KK Yadav PC (SL) 6 th Attempt
Manoj OTA 2 nd Attempt Abhishekh Ojha ACC 3 rd Attempt
Sawan Kumar NDA 3 rd Attempt Vikas Singh CDS 7 th Attempt
Ajay Kumar NDA 2 nd Attempt Manu Rathi IMA 3 rd Attempt
Anil Yadav Coast Guard 9 th Attempt Gaurav NDA 2 nd Attempt
Hav Prajesh PC (SL) 2 nd Attempt

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