Col Yudhvir Singh

About the founder

Colonel Yudhvir Singh, an infantry officer from Brigade of the Guards, served the army for 27 years in varied operational areas including SiachenGlacier, Kashmir Valley & LOC. He has huge experience of assessing candidates for SSB and of training assessors. He has vast experience in SSB Bangalore, Bhopal and Allahabad. He was posted as Senior GTO in Bhopal and was instrumental in raising a new selection board where he conceptualized and designed new obstacles and testing tools for assessment of candidates. During his long affair with HR , he conceptualized new paradigm of training the youth for personality development so that these deserving candidates stand a better chance to join the defence forces as an officer.

It is very unfortunate that youth of our country, in spite of being good in moral values, in physical strength and in intelligence, do not get the due that they deserve. There are two types of such youth, one that belongs to rural areas, the other belongs to urban and semi urban areas, and for various reasons this big deserving population of youth doesn’t get the real guidance and direction to shape up their career.

SSB follows personality based techniques of assessment. People generally have the tendency of complicating the process and confusing the candidates by teaching them shortcuts, tricks, do’s and don’ts, and so on. Candidates focus on these issues and forget the real issue, which is, improving the thought process, level of thoughts, strength of character, and communication. If these are given attention, the candidates become more acceptable in SSB. This is what we do and this is in real terms is the mantra of success not only in SSB but anywhere else also in life.

Assessors in SSB are intelligent, experienced, highly trained persons to see through the real, artificial and fakes. We retain your originality and bring real improvement in you..


Colonel Yudhvir Singh

Founder Director.