How to approach mathematics for NDA

 Mathematics is such a subject in which many students face many problems and due to this it becomes an uphill task. But it’s a fact that without mathematics it becomes almost impossible to compete in today’s world because almost every exam Mathematics plays an important role. When it comes to NDA Mathematics becomes of utmost important because it carries 300 marks out of total 900 marks. Also there is sectional cut off in the paper of Mathematics. If you will be able to cross sectional cut off then your GAT paper will be evaluated. If you will not able to cross sectional marks the no matters how many marks do you get in GAT those marks of no use.

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How to approach History & Geography of defence specific examination

Studying through the complete syllabus of Geography & History of our country is a very daunting job while you are preparing for the defence specific examinations like those of NDA & CDS. However, the AFCAT and INET have comparatively easier questions mostly, when compared to the other exams of Defence that are conducted through the UPSC. We in “The Lakshya Academy” understand, that “every aspirant has his own way of learning these two subjects i.e.  Geography &History”. And yes It is true that, there are significant numbers of people who never study these subjects and just depend to attempt questions by means of guess and pure risk, and sometimes by methods like hit and trail. Yes It’s tough to learn the history & Geography of our nation because it’s too diverse and considered as one of the oldest civilization the more we dig deep, the more we come to know. Obviously, we cannot devote large time to this, so how to learn this the best way, I present it here to you.

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Strategy For Biology preparation

First Step:-

One of the hardest parts of studying biology is remembering the many different terms. If you want to understand what you are studying, then you need to familiarize yourself with all these terms first.  A good method for this is to try and break down complex words to identify their root.

It is highly recommended that whenever you encounter unfamiliar words while studying biology you should take note of them, find it’s definition and then take the time to understand its roots.

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English – Mastering it

English – A foreign language but now an integral part of our lives . So much so that UPSC or any other board holding competitive exams requires you to clear this paper..

NDA…..CDS..or other examinations for defence forces are no exceptions. We have English -written as well as spoken also ,which are needed to be polished. In NDA the second most important subject is English-written–carrying 200 marks. English also improves and boosts your position and ranking in SSB. Many aspirants are not abl

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How to approach mathematics for NDA

Mathematics a fear for most of us, BUT when it comes to defence forces maths is one of the most important subjects for the written exam NDA, CDSE, AFCAT and INET . According to the recent trends, the questions asked from maths are quite simple after apply some concept , the exam conducted by the UPSC are based on the concept one who knows the concept can solve all the questions .

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CDS 1 Answer Key 2020

 CDS 1 answer key 2020 is available now at Lakshya Academy Official Website

The answer key was released by the Lakshya Academy coaching institute. Using CDS answer key 2020, candidates can compare their responses marked in the exam. Based on the number of correct and incorrect responses, candidates can calculate the probable score. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) releases CDS answer key after completion of the recruitment process.

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