How to Approach mathematics for NDA

Posted by Admin : On 01-Sep-2020


test Mathematics is such a subject in which many students face many problems and due to this it becomes an uphill task. But it’s a fact that without mathematics it becomes almost impossible to compete in today’s world because almost every exam Mathematics plays an important role. When it comes to NDA Mathematics becomes of utmost important because it carries 300 marks out of total 900 marks. Also there is sectional cut off in the paper of Mathematics. If you will be able to cross sectional cut off then your GAT paper will be evaluated. If you will not able to cross sectional marks the no matters how many marks do you get in GAT those marks of no use. Now after knowing the importance of Mathematics let us see how to approach the paper of Mathematics. Before starting preparation first of all have a look at the previous year paper and also analyze the importance of topics and questions. Once you do this just start with the topic in which you feel confident. First of all cover concepts and after that do all the questions of that particular chapter. Once you finish 50% syllabus just start giving mocks as mock test will tell where you stand. After each mock analyze your accuracy and marks and also keep noting them. Then try to improve your accuracy with each mock. Last but not the least make small target daily and try to achieve it and keep doing till you reach your destination. But specifically focus on chapters like trigonometry, coordinate geometry, stats and probability, vector and 3d, calculus because only these chapter cover almost 65% syllabus.