How to Approach political of defence specific examination.

Posted by Admin : On 30-Aug-2020


CDS Examination conducted by UPSC has 3 papers. 1. English 2. Maths 3. General studeies General Studies always have been a fear to students because of it’s diverse nature. Here the questions asked are in mixed manner . In General Studies section , Polity plays a very important role in order to fetch maximum results. Role of Polity — Polity is a crucial subset of General studies section. It usually accounts for 20-22 questions . — One can have a good grip over the subject by preparing it strategically How to prepare- Start with NCERT’S : as NCERT books explain concept in simple and lucid manner Analyse the Previous year questions as they will give you and idea on how questions are being framed. Since Polity is a factual based subject , Revising the content is the key Since the time is valuable , Invest your time in those topics which can provide you maximum results. Since there is no direct secret to success. It is a result mixture of preparation , hardwork , and learning from failures . Do hard work along with smart work in order to crack the Examination. Team Lakshya Jai Hind – Ayushi Madaan