SSB journey (Written by lakshya student)

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(Written by Lakshya Student)

After having received my call letter for the Naval Selection Board, Visakhapatnam on the 18th of June, one fine day while I was scrolling through Youtube I stumbled upon Yudhvir sir's video on how to approach the lecturette and after watching that video I understood the very essence of lecturette, what does it test and all my doubts regarding lecturette had been answered in those 8 minutes. This prompted me to follow the other videos available on The Lakshya Academy's youtube channel. I meticulously followed up with most of the videos, but the playlist on 5BRCC in particular left a very strong impact on my overall personality and my way of approaching the SSB interview. By following the 5BRCC videos I understood that SSB is not primarily a test of knowledge rather it is a test of leadership, test of our personality and personality is a result of our experiences and our intrinsic qualities. 5BRCC is indeed a life skill and can be utilised to broaden perception, add substance to our personality, enhance life skills and how we live our lives.

After watching the videos and taking notes, I focussed on internalising the process as I strongly believe that a man is learning consciously or subconsciously every moment of his life, however it is her/his ability to absorb and reason out that sets her/him apart from the crowd. I started by looking at everything in totality and figuring out 5 dimensions to everything around me. For eg. My favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli, I took a step back and asked myself but why is Virat Kohli my favourite cricketer and I found out that I admire his skill, ability to lead from the front, team play, never give up attitude and a wonderful understanding of the game. I followed this process for several other topics and it significantly improved my awareness, my understanding of things and I observed that I had become much more curious and about everything around me. I also started connecting everything to social development and the nation's development, which helped me in developing a vision of a leader who can come up with the way forward in the most testing times and lead the team in the right direction with his solution oriented approach. Adding to this, I focussed on performing my role as a son, as a student, as a brother and as a friend to the best of my ability, and through the course of the process I seeked suggestions for improvement, acknowledged and accepted my mistakes and made the necessary improvements. I complimented these exercises with regular meditation and introspection which helped me in building self insight and I was able to answer the personal questions (strengths, weaknesses) very confidently and to the best of my ability. Meanwhile, I followed Mohit Bharadwaj's strategy of jotting down life experiences (available in the 5BRCC playlist on youtube), it helped me in understanding myself in a much better way and also substantiate myself during my personal interview. For the psychological tests, I understood that the given situation can be negative or positive but my thought, action and speech should always be positive and that will lead me to the solution. 
I would also like to thank Air Cdr Romesh Kakkar Sir, I followed the strategy suggested by him for the Self description test that made my self description stand out, reflected enthusiastic & optimistic outlook towards life and would have definitely given the reader a good idea about the kind of person I have developed into as I wrote about my personal life experiences, role model and complimented it with a quote which I very firmly believe in.

To conclude, I would like to say what Yudhvir Sir always stresses upon that SSB is a test of personality. It reflects one's reality and if we fix our life, make consistent efforts to overcome our weaknesses, make our strengths more formidable, to improve our routine, approach and habits then SSB will select us. I would like to thank Sir from the bottom of my heart for making us understand what the SSB expects out of us and how we should approach our preparation comprehensively in a very lucid manner. These videos are a guiding light on how to live our lives and I am very grateful to you sir, thankyou very much

Yours sincerely
Pranjal Dwivedi
CDS 1 2021

(Written by Lakshya Student)