English – Mastering it

English – A foreign language but now an integral part of our lives . So much so that UPSC or any other board holding competitive exams requires you to clear this paper..

NDA…..CDS..or other examinations for defence forces are no exceptions. We have English -written as well as spoken also ,which are needed to be polished. In NDA the second most important subject is English-written–carrying 200 marks. English also improves and boosts your position and ranking in SSB. Many aspirants are not able to clear  the exams . There is no special or specific way to attempt any particular question.  We introduce you to many ways to how to attempt the questions.

   A language can be well mastered when you keep on practising it or working on it in your daily life. Vocabulary and its usage, knowledge of grammar are the foundation stones in this quest.

   Reading, writing, listening and speaking are the four conceptual adpects of learning any language—-here we are considering only English. Read good books–  make it a habit .. Learn new words daily and keep on using them in your day to day life ,lest you should forget them  .At the same time learn and use idioms and phrases also.They are going to make your speech or conversation more spicy.They also show your hold on the language. Make it a daily routine to talk in English,  so that at least the shyness and hesitation barriers are broken.                    It is a wonderful journey.  I believe you will enjoy it once you embark on it.   

Remember  – no pains no gains.

– Ranjana Majumdar

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