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Biology contribute a very small part in defense and it is really very Easy to score marks In this paper.
There are Various Tricks For learning Example Does not matter it can be Yours or Mine
For CDS Human Physiology part is important And For NDA Diversity.
In Biology Always Remember To attempt The Question What You know never try to do That Question in which you are not Sure.
Calculations are game of number one must have command over the tables upto30, squares and cubes along a little knowledge of algebra is good.
For CDS advance maths part is important geometry, algebra, trigonometry, mensuration they 60percent of exam. For afcat aptitude part is important.
For maths first apply elimination , then use some last digit or factor tricks and do exam in speed and always attempt mensuration and stats part in last.
Nda Maths is of the level of 10+2 with some topics of secondary level maths. Having a good command over 10+2 Maths is essential to clear Nda Exam and get a good score. A dedicated paper of maths of 3 hours is there in NDA Examination.
No, one is eligible for Army, even if one is not having maths as a subject in 10+2. But, one can't join navy, airforce wing of NDA, and even Indian Naval Academy, for B.Tech. Course, if one is not having maths and physics as compulsory subjects in 10+2.
Those having maths in 10+2 can cover in 3-4 months time. For those not having maths in 10+2, it takes around 6-8 months on average to cover the maths section as per the requirement of the exam for an average student. We, at Lakshya academy are also having classes for basic maths in addition to regular classes, to build a foundation of student such that he's able to grasp topics of maths of 10+2 level easily.
It is very important to cover previous years question papers from 2013 onwards to get a fair idea of the exam pattern and the section wise distribution.
The cutoff of both papers, Maths(300 marks) as well as GAT(600 marks) varies from 25-30% in each exam with an aggregate of around 350 out of 900. However, to be Sure of coming in final merit(written exam + ssb interview), one is required to maintain a score of around 400 marks.
Make a list of terms related with ancient and medieval history, and group them in categories. For example group the terms related to administration at one place. It will help in memorizing them in an easy manner. You can then go ahead and create mnemonics. Also, it's better to remember by sticking to one primary source again and again so that you can build pictorial memory. For example, if you keep reading Buddhism topic in an NCERT textbook again and again, your sub-conscious mind will remember key words and concepts very well (provided you have underlined or note down such words).
Majority of the questions comes from Modern Indian history. It will be advisable to prepare the themes chronological and unit-wise. a) British conquests and Indian reactions: b) British economic policy: c) Socio-cultural aspects: d) Freedom struggle:
Yes we do have repetition of questions in both the subjects, it may not be repeated Questions word to word but same topics could be repeated definitely.
All the questions which are asked by UPSC in location are generally from the current affairs or the news which are very prominent in past few months. Topics like- 1-Important persons 2- News 3-Location
For History – NCERT-Std 12 For Geography-NCERT-Std 11 & 12
Maths is the only key to getting into the force which anyone is dreaming about .or afa/ina/ima maths is the last ball of the match which must cross the boundary to win this match of written exams. while in afcat one can not pass the without airthmetics part.
Again speaking helps a lot. And the 4 golden rules . Practice makes a man perfect.
knowledge of Parts of Speech, Articles and their use is the backbone of any language. It enables us to understand why a sentence is correct or incorrect.
Maths is all about understanding the logic and applying it to a given problem Maths demands time and practice of every type of question for getting good marks.
Biology is all about learning the trick and applying it to a given problem
These words should be regularly revised , practised by making sentences and using them in day to day life?
Make a rule to learn daily 5 new words
4 golden rules which are taught in IELTS also Reading Writing Listening Speaking